PCC “Aria” LLC was founded in 1995.
The main direction of the company’s operation is construction and maintenance of mobile communication objects. In the process of developing the company develops new activity directions and extends the circle of regular customers.

After 20 years of existence the Company has increased the number of employees, as well as the volume of performing works in dozens of times, the company has opened new branches and continues to develop dynamically.

Therefore «Ariya» today is:

  • more than 800 employees work at the company;
  • the organization with developed structure, providing a high level of performance of the declared kinds of works;
  • the flexible system of the organization of production, allowing to use new opportunities as much as possible, and to reduce the risks to a minimum owing to the effective monitoring system of quality of production;
  • intensively developing department of maintenance of the construction, covering wide spectrum of works from preliminary coordination of accommodation of base stations before input of objects of communication in operation;
  • the harmonious work of the high qualified (certificated) experts and qualified workers;
  • use of the modern equipment, devices, high-altitude equipment of leading world manufacturers;
  • more than 700 base stations are constructed each year and more then 5 000  objects are served for leading operators of mobile communication ;
  • strong reputation of the company with a high and constantly developing level of the organization of business taking a worthy place among leaders of the domestic market of granting construction services.



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