Company employees

During the existing of the company here was formed the collective of like-minded persons who are able to work
«in a command», to think creatively, capable not only to generate non-standard ideas but incarnate them
into life as well.

To show the stability of the company and its demand in the market of granting
construction services hereby is the fact that the quantity of the employees
has increased in 20 times since the foundation.

What characterizes the collective of the company today? It is first of all:

  • The combination of skills of experienced specialists (their seniority in the sphere of
    construction is 10-32 years time) and innovative methods, generated by young employees
    (including the ones which are experienced in research work – Masters and Candidates);
  • Wide range of specializations of technical officers providing stably
    high level of realization of various directions of activity of the company:

            an engineer-builder, the engineer-electrician, the engineer-mechanic, the engineer-economist,
            an engineer-land surveyor, the engineer on operation of means of telecommunication,
            an engineer-designer of the radio-electronic equipment;
            an engineer for controlling of construction;

  • The highly skilled operative personnel trained correspondingly and
    annually confirming qualification in the specialized educational centers:

assemblers of communication-steeplejacks, welders, electroadjusters, truck crane drivers,
            slingers, chisel installation drivers;

  • The settled corporate traditions and atmosphere promoting professional and personal
    self-realization of each member of the collective