Certification of objects of communication

Survey and certification of structures (objects) is executed as a self-maintained kind of
operations for the purpose of definitions and documentationv
(fitness or unworthiness to exploitation), and also adoptions of the reasonable measures on
provision of reliability and safety of further utilization of objects.

Realizing the set forth above problems specialists of PCC “Aria” LLC execute
inspection (estimation) of influence factors for the objects with following stages of job assignment:

Pilot survey which includes:

  • Collection and assaying of the technical documents;
  • General inspection with a state estimation of a construction and detection of the
    most outworn and dangerous structures;
  • Making up a program of tool shed special surveys and the preliminary specifications on
    fulfillment of operations on survey.

Detailed survey which includes:

  • Clarification by admeasurements of sectional views of devices, design concepts of loads
    determination gears of actual physical-mechanical characteristics of materials
    (strength, an elongation, an elastic modulus, density, thermal conduction, etc.);
  • Detection, admeasurements, sketching of flaws and faults of constructions (bias in the plan,
    a saging, tilts, sags, etc.);
  • Dimensioning of strain of welds and junctions, breadths of rolling-on and depth of flaws,
  • sectional views of fixture, depth of an armor coat of concrete;
  • The assaying of results of the previous tool shed surveys.

Special surveys which include:

  • Keeping data current of engineering-geological and other surveys;
  • Trial of constructions by proof loads and effects;
  • The long-term observations and measuring of strains, depths of immersion, tilts
    temperature and humidity conditions, etc.

The results of operation on survey and its assaying are accomplished in the form of the report,
And convergence and the conclusions got during survey of object use at filling-up the
« Certificates of availability index of product of a structure ».