Electro technical lab

Our electrotechnical lab (ETL) started to operate in 2005.

The engineers of ETL execute the fundamental complex of measurement operations using modern digital and analogue instruments and execute the operations concerning system maintenance of the telecommunication base station external electric power supply as well, that are:

  • Gauging of resistance to a spreading of a current on the fundamental earth leads and
    groundings of main lines and machineries;
  • Gauging of an insulation resistance of the power supply cables, powered and lighting
  • Check of abrasion of protection of links by a voltage up to 1000 V in nets with the dead
    grounded neutral by gauging an impedance of a hinge strain a stage-zero;
  • External examination of plates, dusting;
  • Check of a load distribution and voltage on stages;
  • Functional test of an input automatic cutout, and also its correspondence to service
    conditions and loads;
  • Continuity check of veins and phasing of a power cabl;
  • Gauging of loads;
  • Administrative control and states of cable entries.

For implementing the emergency electric power supply of base stations (in case of extinction of
power supply as a result of originating emergencies) at the command of the chief
electro-engineering lab 7 mobile crews of the electrofitters equipped with the transportable petrol
oscillators (with power of 6,3 kw).

Direct proximity of crew workers to serviced plants allows to react operatively to error
conditions and to ensure uninterrupted operation of base stations.