Modernization and major overhaul of the objects of communication

Modernization and major overhaul of plants of telecommunication as branch of activity of the
company becomes more and more actual for the last time. It is caused by the presence of the
sufficient amounts of plants with functionary time of more then 5 years (or comes nearer to this
term), and fast paces of perfecting of industrial process engineering.

For a lifetime of the company we carried out more than 5000 operations on modernization of
plants of communication of different mobile operators in Ukraine on the territory of Poltava,
Sumy, Kiev, Cherkassy, Chernigov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Zhitomir, regions etc.

Specialists of our company carry out both plan major overhaul (in 5 years time after turning the
plant over in maintenance), and unscheduled capital or maintenance renewal — depending
on outcomes of survey.

Within the limits of mentioned operations such operations are conducted as:

  • Assembling of complementary and replacement of existing antenna-feeding devices;
  • Assembling and testing of radio-relay antennas with installation of splitters and adjustment of widths;
  • Mounting of bidirectional boosters TMV and unidirectional boosters TMA;
  • Replacement of existing and installation of complementary power racks and RBS;
  • Rust preventative partial recovery  or complete painting of the metal masts and towers;
  • Metal mast and tower enforcement.