Preparing and searching of sites

This kind of activity can be referred to the preparatory organizational stage of
building. At this stage technicians of PCC «Aria» Ltd will provide realization of following
directions of activity as soon as possible:

  • Spadework on drawing up of agreements for use of the locations of the objects of
  • Receiving allowing (agreement) documentation necessary for provision the observance of
    the order of fulfillment of operations set by law currently in force;
  • Realization of engineering inspection of objects with registration of conforming conclusions
    and recommendations;
  • Collecting of specifications on energy supply and permissions to connection of objects to
    nets of supply authority, working out and the coordination of the project of energy supply;
  • Working out of the project documentation on construction (mounting) of base stations and their
    agreement with competent state organs;
  • Preparation of the complete set of the documents necessary for the preliminary coordination
    of places of locations of construction projects;
  • Complex of operations on receiving a positive solution of complex state expert appraisal of
    civil-engineering designs.